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Conservative Commentators

The following are major Conservative Radio and Television Commentators with a link to their major Web site. Also see our list of Conservative Talk Show Hosts

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Ann Colter

Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter is the author of seven New York Times bestsellers.She is the legal correspondent for Human Events and writes a popular syndicated column for Universal Press Syndicate.
She is a frequent guest on many TV shows, including, The O'Reilly Factor and The Glen Beck Show. She was the April 25, 2005 cover story of Time magazine.

  Michelle Malkin  

Michelle Malkin

Michelle started a newspaper journalism career at the Los Angeles Daily News in 1992, moved to the Seattle Times in 1995, and have been penning nationally syndicated newspaper columns for Creators Syndicate since 1999. She has written four books, is a mother, wife, blogger, conservative syndicated columnist, author, and Fox News Channel contributor.

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